Get It Straight was founded in 2008 as a personal service to those in need of simplifying their daily lives. From complete office operations overhauls to nitty gritty hobby space, basements, garages, closets to private or corporate functions, our goal is to create an orderly, clutter free and refreshing environment that lets you live and work most effectively. Experience includes:

  • Designing and implementing an improved administration system for a busy 40 agent real estate office.
  • Creating filing and storage systems for home offices.
  • Eliminating and reducing personal items with a logical process, while organizing the existing home or office space.
  • Rearranging and spatial solutions, including furniture placement and designating functional drawer and storage spaces.
  • Achieving creative storage solutions and assisting with personal shopping for unique, small and/or difficult rooms.
  • Recycling and resale of valuable items via garage sales, consignment and local organizations.
  • Event coordinating for 10 – 2,500 people including contracts at Macy’s, ESPN X Games and LA Times Festival of Books.
  • Project management for events, communication agencies and special business projects.


Born with natural spatial aptitude and an innate ability for organization, I make sense of disorder and commit to creating systems for individual needs and lifestyles that help you stay on track. Coming from a diverse background, I started out my career life as a competitive snowboarder on the US Team while simultaneously building skill sets in office management, operations and events, eventually landing in consulting and helping people streamline their daily lives by creating openings in space and mind.

After exposure to multiple living spaces throughout my life, I’ve honed in on some general guidelines that help create harmonious environments while working with existing items and a touch of feng shui. With a recently acquired Project Management certification from Portland State University, I’m excited to help the creative community of Portland reach their goals!

Call: 971.258.2050
Email: info@getitstraightorganizing.com