Organizing can be a challenging roadblock for many people in achieving success both personally and career-wise. Are you finding you stare at piles of stuff around you and wonder where you should put things so you can find them again?

I specialize in maximizing your space and working with what you already own, while eliminating the things you don’t need. Once the process is in the final stages, it may be necessary to purchase additional storage solutions, bins, shelves, etc, in which I can suggest viable and cost effective options.

ORGANIZE: home, garage, office, closets, kitchen, filing systems
PLAN: special events, home parties, weekly schedules, etc.
PACK: pack, unpack or plan a move
STORE: space saving storage techniques & solutions
CLEAN: efficient, detailed and professional cleaning
ASSIST: special projects, space solutions, decision-making
SHOP: household, grocery, specialty items (w/ best prices & options)
RECYCLE & RESALE: clothing, furniture, household items, etc.

See FAQ to understand the process!