Packing / Moving Coordination


I offer overall moving coordination, preparation for a move, packing or unpacking service, household organization strategies and getting items into their most functional home. With a professional organizer, you get much more than just a mover to put things in boxes.My approach is to pack consciously so that you do not waste resources moving unwanted items or pack in a way that will make unpacking a bigger mess than it has to be. My services are an invaluable way to reduce the stress of a move, stretch your moving budget and start out organized in a new home. Moving can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be!

  • Sort items
  • Resale or purge items
  • Pack efficiently
  • Label boxes
  • Like with like
  • Organize the process for best efficiency
  • Packing, unpacking, move preparation


  • Aquire boxes and packing supplies
  • Home staging consultation & assistance (with existing items)
  • Storage downsizing (what to keep, what to sell & what to donate)
  • Moving Coordinaton or Project Management – Plan, schedule, hire and direct movers and contractors for portions of or all services needed for a successful move. Emphasis on efficiency and value added services that are most cost effective.